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The Legend of ROSES

The Legend of Roses


There are over 7000 types of roses in the world, but only a few of them can produce natural rose oil. 

Damascus rose has been considered as a symbol of beauty and love for centuries. Its ultimate fragrance has been captured and preserved in the form of rose water by an unique ancient method that can be traced back to biblical times in the Middle East.


Its Virtues


Damascus rose is famous for its unique and extraordinary aroma flavour. It gives a feeling of well-being and happiness. It also helps to soothe the anxious mind. It is helpful for the respiratory system, digestive system and relieve the menstrual problems. It is perfect for skin care. 


Skin Care


When applying to the skin, its multi-function effect helps the skin to maintain in its best condition. Its perfect for all types of skin.


For Dry Skin:

It is a natural moisturizer. It hydrates, boosts and softens the skin. It is particularly beneficial to dry skin, it helps the skin to regenerate.


For Sensitive Skin:

It has soothing effect that calms down the redness and reduce irritation.


For the Dull Skin:

It has anti-fatigue function, which is a real treasure for the over-tan skin and the skin lack of radiance.


For Pre-mature Skin:

Natural rose oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which is a natural antioxidant to prevent skin pre-maturing. It stimulates cells regeneration and slows up the appearance of winkles. Its anti-aging effect is evident.


Respiratory Therapy:

By putting Rose Oil in a steamer, in the bath or to blend it into the message oil, it helps to reduce the symptom of asthma, nose allergies, coughs, headaches and hay fever. It is particularly effective to fight depression and anxiety.


Food Treatment:

In Europe & Japan, people like to apply Rose Oil (Rose Otto) into the food, it helps to improve the blood circulation, release high blood pressure and improve heart problems and digestive problems.


Exclusive For Female:

Rose Oil is believed to have a clearing, cleansing, regulating and purifying effect on the female genitalia. It helps to regulate and balance the hormones, monitor irregular menstruation, improve functional infertility, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, uterine bleeding and other uterine disorders. It also helps to give a general toning effect on the uterus.




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