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Minimum Order 50pcs 最少訂50個
Organic Rose Sugar 2g 有機玫瑰花糖 2g or 或
Organic Lavender Sugar 2g 有機薰衣草花糖 2g
Order has to be made 2 months before delivery
Order 50-99 ($16)
Order 100-299 ($15)
Order 300-499 ($14)
Order 500 or above ($13)
Should you need your name and date to be appear on the card, $100 printing and design fee are required.
Payment Details:
1) Select the exact number of order you need
2) Pay half of the quantity @16 each as the deposit 
3) Before the date of delivery, we'll contact you to deposit the remaining balance
500份或以上 ($13)
300-499份 ($14)
100-299份 ($15)
50-99 份 ($16)
如需在小禮物的咭背上印上名字和日期,需另加 $100 設計印刷費
1) 請選擇並訂購所需要之數量
2) 繳付數量的一半,以每份 $16 作為預訂的訂金
3) 在送貨前我們會再聯絡你,付清尾數後我們便會把小禮物送到你手中

Wedding gifts (Organic Rose Sugar or Lavender Sugar) 結婚回禮小禮物 (有機玫瑰花糖或有機薰衣草糖)

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