1.2 mL (around 34 drops)
Ingredients:Rose Damascena Flower Oil,Citronellol, Geraniol, Eugenol

Organic Rose Oil (Rose Otto) 有機大馬士革玫瑰精油 (奧圖玫瑰)

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  • Organic Rose Oil (Rose Otto) can be used in:
    • Perfumery and cosmetics – Rose oil is one of the primary ingredients in world’s most famous perfumes.
    • Skin – It is suitable for all types of skin conditions from dry skin to eczema and aging skin. Rose oil softens and improves tone and texture.
    • Respiratory – Help to release symptoms from asthma and allergies
    • Sexually – Improves frigidity and impotence. Rose oil is effective in sensual blends.
    • Emotional – Release anxiety and stress related symptoms including headache and insomnia. The rose oil calms, works against depression and is mood lifting.
    • Rose oil is used in Ayurvedic medicine to balance and harmonize all three doshas.

    • 香薰和化妝品 – 玫瑰精油是世上各大護膚品牌最常用的香水成份之一
    • 護膚 – 玫瑰精油適合所有性質之肌膚,包括乾性肌膚、濕疹性肌膚和成熟肌膚。玫瑰精油能有效軟化肌膚和改善膚色和肌膚組織。
    • 呼吸系統 – 有助減低哮喘症狀和抗敏感
    • 性慾方面 — 有助改善性冷感和陽委。玫瑰精油能有效提高相方感官上的交融。
    • 精神、情感上 – 玫瑰精油有助舒緩焦慮和壓力而導致的頭痛和失眠症狀。玫瑰精油有鎮靜作用,能有效對抗抑鬱和改善心理質素。
    • 玫瑰精油被應用於阿育吠陀香薰療法,有助於平衡風、火、土三種不同體質