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5 mL  

The essential oil consists
for more than 1000 components,
of which the most “important” ones
are Linalool, Linalylacetate
and Camphor

Organic Lavender Essential Oil 有機薰衣草精油

  • This Organic Lavender Oil is extracted by steam distillation from Angustifolia Lavender. It is extremely pure and aroma.

    Organic Lavender Oil can be used in:
    • Aromatherapy
    • Cosmetics
    • Therapeutic uses: insomnia, cough and respiratory infections.
    • Depression and headaches, pain treatment, disinfection
    • Herbalism
    • Massages and relaxation



    • 香氛治療
    • 化妝品
    • 其他治療用途:包括減輕哮喘症狀、咳嗽和呼吸道感染
    • 舒緩抑鬱和頭痛,各類痛症和殺菌
    • 草藥治療
    • 按摩療法和有助放鬆心情
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